Monday, May 22, 2017

May Wrap up - Book Haul & What to Expect Next Month

Hi all! I'm a little early with my wrap up, again..
This is because I'm traveling, again..
What can I say?! I just love exploring new places and take every chance I get to travel.
I'm leaving for Tirol this Wednesday and I will be back on Monday the 29th.
Since my agenda is very full the next couple of days and also when I get back, I'm writing my wrap-up already!

Enjoy 💓




(either from Netgalley, authors, giveaways or self-bought)

(either from Celebrate Books, authors, giveaways or self-bought)


What book are you excited to read next month? 
What was your best buy this month?! Let me know!


  1. I stopped by your blog today.

  2. Enjoy your trip! I'm so jealous, I could use a vacation! Looks like you had a great reading month and have some fun books coming up soon! Glad you're enjoying The Lunar Chronicles!

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by! I hope Cress will blow me away, can;t wait to read it :)

  3. Have a great time on your trip!! I loved ACOMAF so I really hope you enjoy that one!!

    1. Hi Clare, I read ACOMAF last summer and LOVED it. Can't wait to dive in again!

  4. I'm really excited to read your review of ACOMAF! I love the book and I hope you do, too! I hope you enjoy your trip :)

    Ashtyn @ Wonderland’s Reader!

    1. Ashtyn, thanks for stopping by! I LOVED ACOMAF, can't wait to write a review about it :)

  5. Wow those are some great books!! I'm really looking forward to your review of ACOMAF :)

    Enjoy your trip!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  6. Enjoy your travels! It looks like you have had a great May so far.

  7. Ah, so you rated Scarlet LOWER than Cinder - I went the other way around! Huh... When I have the time I'm coming back to check out your reviews.

    The cover of Black Dawn is so intriguing I'm off to check it out on GR. Also YAY for ACOWAR. Of course. :) Can't wait to catch your ACOMAF review!

    1. Maybe I found Cinder better because it was just the story about Cinder, Scarlet did not have the same vibe for me... Still a good book though!

      Can't wait to read ACOMAF again <3


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